A bit of History

The Iter concept...

The Iter concept, developed by Anastos (it's not that deep, folks), is a musical journey down the Roman road, or iter (common crossword clue), of jazz.

Iterations + Greek & Scottish Delights CD

If you've heard the band live in the past several years then you know that Peter has turned a corner down the road (iter) of jazz exploration. "Iterations: Plus Greek & Scottish Delights" has captured the ethnic approach taken on by the band. George Mylordos (bouzouki) joined the band in 2013 showing us that his virtuoso style of play exemplifies his traditional Greek musical roots. He has adapted easily to the improvisational genre while influencing the band to help proliferate the band's Greek jazz repertoire. Also joining the band is Lynne Miller (bagpipes). Lynne, a piper in San Francisco for more than four decades (and originally from Scotland), is big jazz fan. Peter and Lynne collaborated on a few occasions and found there were opportunities to use traditional Scottish piping tunes as a platform for improvisation, not unlike the Greek material. Before long, Lynne became a part of the act and is now a regular feature. The new cd also features more of Peter's straight-ahead compositions, all of which are brought to light by each band member's contributions.The personnel on the new cd are: Frank Martin (keyboards), Jon Herrera (bass), Andy Dillard (drums and percussion), Bryan Girard (alto and tenor saxes), Bryan McVicker (tenor sax), George Mylordos (bouzouki), and Lynne Miller (bagpipes).

Iternity CD

The band released their first album “Iternity” in 2006 and is looking to release another album soon featuring the Greek music and more hard-driving original pieces. The compositions from "Iternity" are eclectic, ranging from the title cut, Iternity, which offers intertwined horns over a revolving foundation played by the rhythm section before hard bop, to Carousel which starts as a child's nightmare on the county fair's carousel but ends in a smooth, flowing ride. The other selections, such as Leebarebop, which incorporates the influence of Lee Morgan with a funky, hip-hop rhythm and DeCoy, based on structures, illustrate Anastos' versatile writing style.

A perspective...

"A great program of modern jazz; original ideas with colors of the masters. The arrangements involve the whole band, adding lots of movement and dimension. Peter's strong melodies bear the personal stamp of his ear for the piquant interval. From buoyant to mysterious, classic to challenging, these are the iterations of Peter Anastos."
— Tenor saxophonist and composer David Slusser

The artists

Peter Anastos

The band features Anastos on trumpet, Jon Herrera on acoustic bass, Andy Dillard on drums, Steve Erquiaga on guitar and bouzouki, Frank Martin on piano, and Bryan McVicker on tenor and soprano saxes.


Jon Herrera
Andy Dillard
Steve Erquiaga
Frank Martin
Bryan McVicker
Bryan Girard
Lynne Miller
George Mylordos